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Network Organizations of the Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience 

Over the past fifty years, rates of clinician burnout have drastically increased across the United States. Clinician burnout has serious consequences for patient safety, care quality, and health care costs. The National Academy of Medicine has launched an Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience to improve baseline understanding of challenges to clinician well-being, raise visibility of clinician stress and burnout, and elevate evidence-based, multidisciplinary solutions. We invite you to join our national movement as a Network Organization.

What does it mean to be a Network Organization

By becoming a Network Organization, you are joining a growing network of over 100 organizations that are committed to reversing trends in clinician burnout—a goal that is possible only through the collective action of many stakeholders. Network organizations agree to make a visible commitment to improving the well-being of clinicians. They are active contributors to the work of the Collaborative but are not formal sponsors. To view a list of inaugural sponsors of the Action Collaborative, please click here

Network Organizations will:

  • provide input on activities of the Collaborative
  • receive networking and information-sharing opportunities
  • receive regular updates on the work of the Collaborative, including priority invitations to public meetings and advance notice of new tools and publications
  • receive communications tools such as infographics and social media toolkits
  • be listed on the NAM website, along with an organizational “commitment statement” describing their current and/or future work in the area of clinician well-being and a link to your website
  • receive invitations to act as partners in building new efforts around clinician well-being at the NAM

Network organizations are committed to improving the well-being of clinicians and are supportive of the Action Collaborative’s goals and objectives. They are not official sponsors of the Action Collaborative. 

We request that Network Organizations:

  • participate actively in the work of the Collaborative (e.g., by attending meetings and sharing resources)
  • promote announcements about activities of the Collaborative
  • support the Collaborative’s social media and public engagement campaigns
  • provide semi-annual updates about their work
  • send the NAM announcements related to meetings around clinician well-being to be considered for promotion to NAM networks 

How to become a Network Organization

To become a network organization, please complete this survey and include the following:

  • Name of Organization
  • A brief “commitment statement” (1-2 pages in Word or PDF format) describing current and/or future work in the area of clinician well-being. This statement will be posted on the NAM website.
  • Name and contact information for organization liaison (this information will be made public unless you request otherwise) 

Know others you want to join? Share our one-pager and help us build a bigger network! 

 Network Organizations

Inaugural Sponsors

To view a list of inaugural sponsors of the Action Collaborative, please visit our homepage.


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