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NAM Member Nominated to Lead NIH

President Joseph Biden has nominated National Academy of Medicine member Monica Bertagnolli to serve as director of the National Institutes of Health. A surgical oncologist, cancer researcher, educator, and physician-leader, Bertagnolli is currently director of the...

NAM President Honors AANHPI Heritage Month

In a new video, National Academy of Medicine President Victor J. Dzau shares his reflections on Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Listen to his remarks below.

Featured Publication


Transforming Human Health: Celebrating 50 Years of Discovery and Progress

The past half-century has been an era of astonishing progress for biomedical science, health, and health care in the United States and worldwide. This volume, commissioned to mark the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the U.S. National Academy of Medicine (NAM; formerly the Institute of Medicine [IOM]), tells the story of that progress across five major fields: biomedical science and technology; diseases and conditions; public health; U.S. health care; and global health.

Since the NAM was founded in 1970, the nation and the world have seen multitudes of remarkable “firsts”—including the dawn of targeted gene therapies, the near eradication of polio, revolutionary treatments for cancers and cardiovascular disease, and many more. NAM members were the architects of many of these breakthroughs, alongside countless dedicated scientists, clinicians, educators, and public health leaders worldwide. The milestones chronicled in this volume are a testament to their remarkable work, which has saved and improved innumerable lives.


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