A Framework for Equitable Allocation of COVID-19 Vaccine

Announcing a Fast-Track Study to Inform Policy in the U.S. & Globally >>


Coronavirus resources from the NAM and the National Academies

A comprehensive list of COVID-related events, news, and resources from the NAM and NASEM

Resources on Health Equity in the Context of COVID-19 

A new list of resources discussing COVID-19 and subsequent disproportionate outcomes for marginalized groups


NAM and HKU Announce Second Fellow in Global Health Leadership

From 120 applications received from 43 places of origins across six continents, Dr Kai Ning Cheong is named the 2nd NAM-HKU Fellow in Global Health Leadership.   Born in Singapore, Dr Cheong was educated and trained in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom in multiple...

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Perspectives on Health Equity & Social Determinants of Health

Social factors, signals, and biases shape the health of our nation. Racism and poverty manifest in unequal social, environmental, and economic conditions, resulting in deep-rooted health disparities that carry over from generation to generation.

In Perspectives on Health Equity and Social Determinants of  Health, authors call for collective action across sectors to reverse the debilitating and often lethal consequences of health inequity. This edited volume of discussion papers provides recommendations to advance the agenda to promote health equity for all.

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