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The Evolution of Technology in Biomedical Science: Promises and Challenges


National Academy of Medicine Names Five NAM Fellows for 2019

The National Academy of Medicine (NAM) has selected five outstanding health professionals for the class of 2019 NAM Fellowships. The fellows were chosen based on their professional qualifications, reputations as scholars, professional accomplishments, and relevance of...

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Caring for the Individual Patient: Understanding Heterogeneous Treatment Effects

A Special Publication from the National Academy of Medicine

Evidence-based medicine arose from a clear need and represents a major advance in the science of clinical decision-making. Despite broad acceptance of evidence-based medicine, however, a fundamental issue remains unresolved: evidence is derived from groups of people, yet medical decisions are made by and for individuals. For evidence to be more applicable to individual patients, we need to combine methods for strong causal inference (first and foremost, randomization) with methods for prediction that permit inferences about which patients are likely to benefit and which are not. Better population-based outcomes will only be realized when we understand more completely how to treat patients as the unique individuals they are.

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