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New Report from Global Future Council on Longevity

WASHINGTON, DC (October 28, 2020) – A new report from the Global Future Council on Longevity presents opportunities to address the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on older people. The council, which was convened to inform and drive action and impact by engaging...

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Health Data Sharing to Support Better Outcomes

The effective use of data is foundational to the concept of a learning health system—one that leverages and shares data to learn from every patient experience, and feeds the results back to clinicians, patients and families, and health care executives to transform health, health care, and health equity. More than ever, the American health care system is in a position to harness new technologies and new data sources to improve individual and population health.

This Special Publication outlines a number of potentially valuable policy changes and actions that will help drive toward effective, efficient, and ethical data sharing, including more compelling and widespread communication efforts to improve awareness, understanding, and participation in data sharing. Achieving the vision of a learning health system will require eliminating the artificial boundaries that exist today among patient care, health system improvement, and research. Breaking down these barriers will require an unrelenting commitment across multiple stakeholders toward a shared goal of better, more equitable health. We can improve together by sharing and using data in ways that produce trust and respect. Patients and families deserve nothing less.

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