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Women’s Health: From Cells to Society



National Academy of Medicine Names Six NAM Fellows for 2023

The National Academy of Medicine (NAM) has selected six outstanding health professionals for the class of 2023 NAM Fellowships. The fellows were chosen based on their professional qualifications, reputations as scholars, professional accomplishments, and the relevance...

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Valuing America’s Health: Aligning Financing to Award Better Health and Well-Being

 A new NAM Special Publication explores opportunities to transform the current health and health care system to one that promotes whole person and whole population health. The publication emphasizes the need for a bold vision and sustainable financing strategies to prioritize health and well-being for all. It highlights the importance of building a movement to prioritize health, repairing systemic failures, holding stakeholders accountable, controlling health care costs, incentivizing health promotion, adopting collaborative financing and policy-making approaches, and empowering individuals and communities in health decision-making. The publication brings together experts in various fields to identify stakeholder-specific priority actions to address deep-rooted inequities, inefficiencies, and high costs in the system and create a healthier nation where individuals and communities can reach their full potential.

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