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The Action Collaborative on Countering the U.S. Opioid Epidemic is a one-of-a-kind public-private partnership that comprises government, communities, health systems, provider groups, payers, industry, nonprofits, academia, and more – all committed to sharing knowledge, aligning ongoing initiatives, and advancing collective, multi-sector solutions.

We invite you to join the Action Collaborative as a Network Organization.

What Does It Mean to Be a Network Organization?

As a Network Organization, you will be part of an expanding interdisciplinary and cross-sector network dedicated to reversing national trends in opioid misuse and overdose—a goal that is possible only through the collective action by everyone. In particular, Network Organizations commit to developing and disseminating evidence-based strategies in the Action Collaborative’s four focus areas:

  1. Health professional education and training
  2. Opioid prescribing guidelines and evidence standards
  3. Prevention, treatment, and recovery services
  4. Research, data, and metrics needs

Network Organizations are active supporters and contributors to the work of the Action Collaborative but do not participate in the Action Collaborative’s working groups.

Network Organizations:

  • provide input on activities of the Action Collaborative;
  • receive networking and information-sharing opportunities;
  • receive regular updates on the work of the Action Collaborative, including priority invitations to public meetings and advance notice of new resources and publications;
  • receive communications tools such as infographics and social media toolkits;
  • are featured on the NAM website, along with an organizational commitment statement describing current and/or future work in the four focus areas; and
  • receive invitations to act as partners in new efforts to combat the opioid epidemic.

We request that Network Organizations:

  • participate actively in the work of the Action Collaborative (e.g., by attending meetings and sharing resources);
  • promote announcements about activities of the Action Collaborative;
  • support the Action Collaborative’s social media and public engagement campaigns;
  • provide semi-annual updates about their work to the NAM; and
  • share their own announcements, resources, and publications with the NAM and its networks.

How to Become a Network Organization

To become a network organization, please complete this survey and include the following:

  • Name of your organization
  • A brief commitment statement (no more than 500 words in Word or PDF format) describing current and/or future work in the Action Collaborative’s four focus areas. This statement will be posted on the NAM website.
  • Name and contact information for organization liaison (this information will be made public unless you request otherwise)

Sample Organizational Commitment Statements

We have included below, for your reference while drafting your own statement, the commitment statements developed by the National Academy of Medicine and the Action Collaborative’s inaugural sponsors:

Please note that the network organizations of the Action Collaborative do not and will not include the inaugural sponsors of the Action Collaborative. To view a list of the inaugural sponsors, please visit the Action Collaborative homepage. 

The Action Collaborative is supported by more than 55 participating organizations and is led by a steering committee composed of leaders from the federal government, the private sector, state and local health departments, health system and provider groups, nonprofits, and health educators and accreditors.

Download a one-page overview of the Action Collaborative to share with your colleagues!

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