The Global Roadmap for Healthy Longevity

Lives of good health, function, meaning, purpose, and dignity are achievable—now is the time to seize this opportunity and begin working toward a better future for all.


Global Roadmap for Healthy Longevity

About the Program

The Global Roadmap for Healthy Longevity (the Global Roadmap) describes a path forward so the world can reap the benefits of older people while avoiding predicted challenges of population aging.

Through evidence-based recommendations, the report describes how challenges can be translated into opportunities to promote healthy longevity across the life course and around the globe.

To ensure that all people of all ages can achieve healthy longevity equity is at the center of the report.

Important Definitions
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A culture in which good health and well-being flourish across geographic, demographic, and social sectors; fostering healthy, equitable communities, guiding public and private decision-making, and everyone has the opportunity to make choices that lead to healthy lifestyles
Differences that exist among specific population groups in the U.S. in their opportunities to reach their full health potential
Differences that exist among specific population groups in the U.S. in their opportunities to reach their full health potential

Study Process

The National Academy of Medicine assembled an International Commission to author the Global Roadmap with guidance from an International Oversight Board, comprised of leaders from foundations, business, government, and academia. The Global Roadmap emphasizes the need for equity within and across countries, and describes how improvements in social infrastructure, the physical environment, and health systems can lead to healthy longevity, and, in turn, to thriving societies.

Specifically, the Commissioners:

  • Envisioned a world with healthy longevity in 2050.
  • Explored and recommended approaches to enhance social infrastructure and the physical environment to strengthen socioeconomic and community support and enrich the livelihoods of people at all ages.
  • Identified and analyzed health systems, including public health, health care, and long-term care, emphasizing the need for all systems to prevent and manage the age-related chronic conditions that cause most death and disability globally, with the goal of supporting the health people need to live with meaning and purpose.
  • Investigated the role of work, retirement, volunteerism, and education across the life course in generating a longevity dividend for the good of all people.
  • Recommended metrics for measuring progress toward healthy longevity and research needed across domains to effectively and efficiently promote healthy longevity.


Michele Toplitz, Senior Program Officer
Radhika Hira, Communications Officer
Emma Lower-McSherry, Research Associate


California Health Care Foundation
Nathaniel (Ned) David
Gary and Mary West Foundation
Harvey V. Fineberg Impact Fund
John A. Hartford Foundation
Mehta Family Foundation
Ministry of Health Singapore
National Research Foundation Singapore
National University Health System Singapore
National University of Singapore
Gil Omenn
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Rockefeller Foundation
Tsao Holdings limited
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