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Action Collaborative on
Clinician Well-Being and Resilience

July 14 Meeting
On July 14, the NAM hosted its first public meeting on establishing clinician well-being as a national priority.

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Every year in the United States, about 400 physicians take their own lives — a rate more than double that of the general population. Physicians experience high rates of depression, burnout, and poor work-life balance. This phenomenon cuts across all ages, stages, and career paths — from trainees to senior practitioners. And these challenges are not unique to physicians. Nurses and other clinicians experience similar effects on performance, health, and well-being.

Bottom line: The people we rely on to keep us healthy may not be healthy themselves. This fact is not only worrying in and of itself — it also has serious implications for patients. Clinician burnout has been linked to increased medical errors and patient dissatisfaction. How can we ensure that our care workforce is healthy, resilient, and functioning at its highest capacity? 

About the Initiative

The National Academy of Medicine will build a collaborative platform for supporting and improving clinician well-being and resilience across multiple organizations, including clinician and consumer groups as well as health care organizations and policy making bodies. This “action collaborative” will provide the venue for a set of collaborative activities, grounded in evidence-based knowledge, to

  • Improve baseline understanding across organizations of challenges to clinician well-being
  • Raise visibility of clinician stress and burnout
  • Elevate evidence-based, multidisciplinary solutions to reverse alarming trends in clinician stress and burnout and improve patient care by caring for the caregiver 

Activities of the collaborative will include working meetings among participating groups, public workshops, and stakeholder engagement activities.

Action Collaborative Leadership
Victor Dzau, chair
Darrell Kirch, co-chair
Thomas Nasca, co-chair

Action Collaborative Working Groups

Please click here to view members our four working groups.

Action Collaborative News

New Discussion Paper

On July 5, 2017, the Action Collaborative released a discussion paper entitled Burnout Among Health Care Professionals: A Call to Explore and Address This Underrecognized Threat to Safe, High-Quality Care. 

The US health care system is rapidly changing in an effort to deliver better care, improve health, and lower costs while providing care for an aging population with high rates of chronic disease and co-morbidities. Among the changes affecting clinical practice are new payment and delivery approaches, electronic health records, patient portals, and publicly reported quality metrics—all of which change the landscape of how care is provided, documented, and reimbursed. Navigating these changes are health care professionals (HCPs), whose daily work is critical to the success of health care improvement. Unfortunately, as a result of these changes and resulting added pressures, many HCPs are burned out, a syndrome characterized by a high degree of emotional exhaustion and high depersonalization (i.e., cynicism), and a low sense of personal accomplishment from work. Read the discussion paper >>


  • Inaugural Sponsors

    ABFM Foundation
    Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education
    Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education
    Alliance of Independent Academic Medical Centers
    American Academy of Family Physicians
    American Academy of Neurology
    American Academy of Pediatrics
    American Association of Colleges of Nursing
    American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine
    American Association of Critical-Care Nurses
    American Board of Internal Medicine and the ABIM Foundation
    American Board of Medical Specialties
    American College of Emergency Physicians
    American College of Physicians
    American College of Surgeons
    American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
    American Dental Education Association
    American Hospital Association
    American Medical Association
    American Nurses Association
    American Osteopathic Association
    American Psychiatric Association
    American Society of Anesthesiologists
    American Society of Health-System Pharmacists
    Association of American Medical Colleges (with support from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
    Council of Medical Specialty Societies
    Federation of State Medical Boards
    IBM Watson Health
    Johns Hopkins Medicine
    Massachusetts General Hospital
    Society for Academic Emergency Medicine and Association of Academic Chairs of Emergency Medicine
    Society of Neurological Surgeons
    UAB Medicine
    UnitedHealth Group

  • NAM Staff

    Charlee Alexander (main contact)
    Kimber Bogard
    Sharyl Nass
    Mariana Zindel


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