Finding the sweet spot: Developing, implementing and evaluating a burn out and compassion fatigue intervention for third year medical trainees

The article highlights the development and evaluation of a burnout and compassion fatigue (CF) program for third year trainees at a Canadian Medical School. Results from the program implementation highlighted the importance of 1) Recognizing Individual Signs & Symptoms of Stress, CF and Burnout; 2) Normalizing Stress, CF and Burnout for Students and Physicians; 3) Learning to Manage One’s Own Stress. The findings show a decrease in compassion satisfaction and increase in burnout between the beginning and end of the year. At an individual level, it is important to learn, live and survive CF and burnout during clerkship. Furthermore, emergent theory suggests that educators have a responsibility to integrate CF and burnout programs into ‘the sweet spot’ — shift from theoretical to experiential practice.

Learning Environment

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