From Pilots to Practice: Speeding the Movement of Successful Pilots to Effective Practice

By Peter Hussey, Richard Bankowitz, Michael Dinneen, David Kelleher, Karen Matsuoka, Joseph McCannon, Will Shrank, Robert Saunders
April 23, 2013 | Discussion Paper

In this discussion paper, authors identify practical strategies for improving health care and reducing costs with the knowledge gained from pilot projects. Developed by individual participants from the IOM’s Value Incentives Learning Collaborative, the paper outlines several reasons for the slow pace of adoption for the many effective pilots conducted across the U.S. health care system. Citing common lessons learned from real pilots across the country, from North Carolina to Indiana to Oregon, the authors identify several approaches to improve the planning, evaluation, scale-up, and spread of effective pilot projects, including broader incorporation of scale-up tactics at the onset of a project, and continuous pilot modification throughout the project’s duration.

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