Professional Satisfaction and Career Plans of US Physicians

Published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, the following study evaluates the relationship between burnout, satisfaction with electronic health records and work-life integration, and the career plans of US physicians. Physicians across all specialties in the United States were surveyed between August 28, 2014, and October 6, 2014. Physicians provided information regarding the likelihood of reducing clinical hours in the next 12 months and the likelihood of leaving current practice within the next 24 months. Nearly 1 in 5 US physicians intend to reduce clinical work hours in the next year, and roughly 1 in 50 intend to leave medicine altogether in the next 2 years to pursue a different career. The authors assert that if physicians follow through on these intentions, it could profoundly worsen the projected shortage of US physicians.

Personal Factors, Turnover & Reduction of Work Effort

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