Medical Training Programs Need to Care About Physician Burnout. Should the Rest of Us?

In this opinion article, Timothy Hoff discusses his thoughts on who’s to blame in the rising rates of physician burnout. He points out how this growing problem has been largely ignored by medical schools and residency/fellowship programs for years. Rather, the blame is focused on external factors of health care despite the fact that medical students and residents already have high rates of burnout before entering practice. The students are viewed more as employees than talented assets that need significant investment to develop fully. Additionally, the culture around these programs overemphasize academic credentials while ignoring other skills such as resilience and emotional intelligence. When the role models in medical training themselves are also burnt out, this cycle continues to pass onto newer generations. Many other industries differ in the way that their “most prized talent” is treated from this aspect.

Individual Factors, Learning Environment, Society and Culture

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