Estimates of Costs of Primary Care Physician Turnover

Published in the American Journal of Managed Care, the following article provides estimates of the institutional costs associated with primary care physician turnover. A cohort of 533 postresident, nonfederal, employed PCPs younger than 45 years of age, in practice between 2 and 9 years, participated in national surveys in 1987 and 1991. Data from a national study of physician compensation and productivity and data from physician recruiters were combined with PCP cohort data to estimate recruitment and replacement costs associated with turnover. Estimates of recruitment and replacement costs for individual primary care physicians were $236,383 for general/family practice, $245,128 for general internal medicine, and $264,645 for pediatrics. Turnover costs for all PCPs in the cohort by specialty were $24.5 million for general/family practice, $22.3 million for general internal medicine, and $22.2 million for pediatrics.

Health Care Costs, Turnover & Reduction of Work Effort

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