After Suicide: A Toolkit for Physician Residency/Fellowship Programs

This toolkit from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention provides a foundation for developing an action plan in the event of a suicide within a physician residency or fellowship program. The toolkit also serves as a practical handbook to consult at the time a suicide death does occur. The toolkit includes: Guidance and step-by-step lists on how best to go about gathering information, communicating with the deceased’s emergency contact, notifying the community, helping residents, as well as faculty and staff, cope; dealing with the practical consequences on schedules and workflow; and coordinating and planning a memorial. Additionally, it includes immediately usable advice and checklists including tips for talking about suicide, sample scripts to be used in face-to-face communication, sample email death notifications, a memorial service planning checklist, a sample media statement, and key messages for the media spokesperson.

Individual Strategies, Organizational Strategies

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