Mission, Goals, and Statement of Principles


Mission of the Action Collaborative

To convene and catalyze public, private, and non-profit stakeholders to develop, curate, and disseminate multi-sector solutions designed to reduce opioid misuse, and improve outcomes for individuals, families, and communities affected by the opioid crisis.


Goals of the Action Collaborative

  1. Identify and raise the visibility of complex challenges, outstanding research gaps and needs of the opioid crisis that require a collective, multi-sectoral response;
  2. Elevate and accelerate evidence-based, multi-sectoral, and interprofessional solutions to improve outcomes for those affected by the opioid crisis; and
  3. Catalyze action on shared priorities and solutions to help overcome the crisis and improve outcomes for all.


Priority Focus Areas

To advance its goals, the Action Collaborative will focus its work on the following priority areas:

  • Education and Training: Working towards a coordinated, interprofessional, patient- and family-centered approach for the continuum of health professional education that addresses acute and chronic pain management and substance use disorders.
  • Prescribing Guidelines and Evidence Standards: Identifying opportunities to align opioid prescribing guidelines for acute and chronic pain indications, where the guidelines deviate, promote judicious opioid prescribing, and support the implementation of acute and chronic pain guidelines into practice.
  • Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery: Accelerating the curation and dissemination of best practices and integrated approaches to prevention, treatment, and recovery services for opioid use disorder, with guidance for how to implement, scale, and sustain them.
  • Research, Data, and Metrics: Addressing issues and accelerating solutions pertaining to data access, sharing, and measurement, as well as identifying critical research gaps and needs.


Guiding Principles of the Action Collaborative

Participating members of the National Academy of Medicine’s Action Collaborative on Countering the U.S. Opioid Epidemic pledge to adhere to the following principles to achieve the mission of the Collaborative:

  • Interprofessional collaboration and collective action. The extensive and multifactorial nature of the opioid epidemic necessitates interprofessional and multi-sectoral solutions. The Action Collaborative is committed to bringing together leaders across sectors to identify common priorities and develop shared solutions.
  • Coordination and alignment. Numerous initiatives, reports, guidelines, and recommendations to stem the epidemic have already been developed across public and private sectors. The Action Collaborative will work to advance and strengthen coordination, information-sharing, and alignment across all stakeholders in the effort.
  • Inclusivity and engagement. The Action Collaborative is committed to an open, transparent, and dynamic process, and will create several opportunities for input and engagement from all those impacted by the crisis.
  • Scientific excellence and rigor. The Action Collaborative will uphold a commitment to high-quality, objective, and evidence-informed practices, priorities, and solutions, derived from the best available evidence and information.
  • Innovation and value creation. The Action Collaborative will continuously strive to identify areas of unmet need and create innovative products with clear and novel benefit, avoiding efforts that are ineffective, redundant, or duplicative.
  • Health equity. The Action Collaborative will seek solutions that promote health equity across populations and do not create or exacerbate health disparities.
  • Dissemination and impact. The Action Collaborative is committed to broad dissemination of knowledge, resources, and evidence-based solutions, as well as facilitating their uptake and translation into practice. The Collaborative will strive to provide guidance that is not only translatable but also scalable and sustainable.
  • Monitoring and evaluation. The Action Collaborative will build continuous monitoring and evaluation into its work plan to ensure measurable progress toward its stated goals.


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