National Academy of Medicine

Achieving Data Liquidity in the Cancer Community: Proposal for Coalition of All Stakeholders

By Marcia A. Kean, Amy P. Abernethy, Adam M. Clark, William S. Dalton, Brad H. Pollock, Lawrence N. Shulman, Sharon B. Murphy
May 11, 2012 | Discussion Paper

Rapid, seamless data exchange in cancer throughout the continuum from research to clinical care remains an unmet need with no clear path forward to a solution. We assert that there is a national urgency to find solutions to support and sustain the cancer informatics ecosystem (IOM, 2012c), and propose addressing this challenge through a coalition of diverse, interested stakeholders working in a precompetitive collaboration to achieve data liquidity. Such a coalition could work toward the goal of personalized cancer medicine, addressing the challenges in manageable, incremental steps.


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