Global Roadmap for Healthy Longevity


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  Tweet this! A new @theNAMedicine report outlines a set of evidence-based recommendations needed to respond to complex challenges related to global aging. Learn more about actionable steps now: #namlongevityroadmap

  Tweet this! How can our societies shift to sustain long lives that are healthier and more fulfilling? Authors of a new @theNAMedicine consensus study offer multi-sector recommendations to reshape societies globally by 2050: #namlongevityroadmap

  Tweet this! Today’s societies were not designed to support older people. Authors of a new @theNAMedicine report discuss evidence-based opportunities to ensure that aging societies are thriving and robust. Learn more: #namlongevityroadmap

  Tweet this! Currently, the world is unprepared to address the challenges of global aging. Read a @theNAMedicine report offering guidance on aligning multiple complex systems with the potential to facilitate #HealthyLongevity across the lifespan: #namlongevityroadmap

  Tweet this! People of all ages benefit when older people have lives with meaning, social engagement, learning, and growth. A new @theNAMedicine Report offers recommendations to create environments that maximize health and well-being by 2050:  #namlongevityroadmap

  Tweet this! Countries must redesign their societies to support #HealthyLongevity, including how older people can engage with & contribute to family, community, & society. Learn more about addressing the complexities of global aging effectively: #namlongevityroadmap

  Tweet this! A new NAM consensus study identifies actionable strategies for achieving healthy longevity for individuals and societies by 2050. Learn more about how we can align forces to support #HealthyLongevity: #namlongevityroadmap

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  • Our societies are not structured to support the challenges of an aging population. A new consensus study from the National Academy of Medicine looks to reshape and align multiple complex systems, including health care, social and physical infrastructure, and education and work, to ensure that intergenerational societies are robust and thriving by 2050. Learn more about the new Global Roadmap for Healthy Longevity:
  • “Healthy older age can bring to societies around the world immense capabilities to thrive, contribute to the successes of youth, and strengthen intergenerational cohesion.”
    The recently released Global Roadmap for Healthy Longevity, a NAM consensus study, provides multi-sector recommendations for countries and societies around the world that will enable the establishment of critical systems needed to support health, productivity, and quality of life for people at all stages of life by 2050. Learn more:
  • How can we ensure that people of all ages live lives with meaning and purpose during a period of global aging? Authors of a new consensus study titled, Global Roadmap for Healthy Longevity offer evidence-based recommendations to unleash the potential of older people and benefit people of all ages and societies around the world. Learn more about policies, socioeconomic infrastructures, and innovations that promote and advance the health of older populations:

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