The NAM published the National Plan for Health Workforce Well-Being on October 3, 2022. Thank you to all those who contributed to the development of this special publication, and to all those who are committed to taking forward the actions of the Plan.

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National Academy of Medicine Publishes National Plan for Health Workforce Well-Being and Calls for Collective Movement to Address Burnout Crisis

The capacity and well-being of the U.S. health workforce has been under threat for years by an epidemic of burnout, and two years of the COVID-19 pandemic has further exacerbated this systems issue. Now at least 40% of nurses, 20% of physicians, and more than 25% of state and local public health department employees are considering leaving their professions. Recognizing that the function of the U.S. health system is at stake due to dangerously mounting health care system pressures, the NAM’s National Plan for Health Workforce Well-Being calls for immediate action to safeguard this precious national resource dedicated to protecting the nation’s health.

The National Plan calls on multiple actors to work together to drive policy and systems change to better support the health workforce and the health of all communities – including health care and public health leaders, government, payers, industry, educators, and leaders in other sectors. A draft of the National Plan was made available for public feedback and received nearly 2,000 constructive comments, and the final Plan has received endorsements from 50 organizations representing the diverse organizational membership of the Clinician Well-Being Collaborative and the various actors needed to collectively advance the practical strategies laid out in the Plan.

The National Plan visualizes that, when all actors take responsibility, we can create a health system in which care is delivered joyfully and with meaning, by a committed care team, in partnership with engaged patients and communities. The National Plan identifies a range of actions for the near-, medium-, and long-term to achieve seven priority areas for health workforce well-being, clearly naming associated goals and responsible actors. Access the full National Plan at to learn more about the priority areas for action.

For more information on the Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience, visit


Tweet this! Improving health worker well-being is a shared responsibility that requires collective action. NAM #ClinicianWellBeing Collaborative published National Plan for Health Workforce Well-Being to lay out a path forward. Download at #HealthWorkforceNationalPlan

Tweet this! We must redesign how health is delivered so that human connection is strengthened, health equity is achieved, and trust is restored. Learn more in the #HealthWorkforceNationalPlan from @theNAMedicine: #ClinicianWellBeing

Tweet this! Learn more about the #HealthWorkforceNationalPlan, which aims to build a health system that better serves both patients and health workers. Read new publication from @theNAMedicine #ClinicianWellBeing Collaborative:

Tweet this! Our health workers & students can’t be expected to work in violent, unsafe conditions, in environments that aren’t diverse, equitable, inclusive. New NAM #HealthWorkforceNationalPlan lays out actions to move U.S. health system forward: #ClinicianWellBeing

Tweet this! A thriving workforce is essential for delivering safe, high-quality, patient-centered care. Download new NAM #HealthWorkforceNationalPlan – endorsed by 50 organizations – to see how we as a nation collectively move towards #ClinicianWellBeing:

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There’s an urgent need for leaders in health care and public health, government, payers, health IT, education, professional societies, and others to cultivate a health system that elevates well-being for current health workers and the next generation. The NAM is laying out needed actions to improve clinician well-being in the National Plan for health workforce well-being, now available at:

The capacity and well-being of the U.S. health workforce has been under threat for years by an epidemic of burnout, and two years of the COVID-19 pandemic has further exacerbated this systems issue. We must address health worker burnout to ensure the U.S. has a health workforce that can support our communities now and in the future. Read new National Plan for Health Workforce Well-Being from the NAM to learn how you can help invest in health worker well-being:

Health workers have been operating in a survival state for a long time, but change is possible. An important step is a well-coordinated plan that provides government, health systems leadership, payers, educators, health workers, and leaders in other sectors with the tools and approaches required to drive policy and structural change. Download new National Plan for Health Workforce Well-Being from the NAM:

New National Plan for Health Workforce Well-Being from the NAM identifies 7 priority areas for health workforce well-being: 1) positive work and learning environments and culture; 2) measurement, assessment, strategies, and research; 3) mental health and stigma; 4) compliance, regulatory, and policy barriers for daily work; 5) effective technology tools; 6) well-being as a long-term value; and 7) a diverse and inclusive health workforce. Read the actions needed to be taken by the responsible actors:


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