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The biannual meeting of the Care Culture and Decision-Making Innovation Collaborative took place on December 6th, 2018. The afternoon session of this meeting was closed to the public. If you would like more information, contact Anna Cupito at acupito@nas.edu.

Meeting Focus: Convening of the NAM Working Group on Community Health Needs Assessments: Principles & Practices

Motivating questions:

  1. Purposes: What are the emerging guiding principles for actionable, co-created community health needs assessments and implementation plans?
  2. Practices: Which examples best illustrate the transferable lessons regarding how to achieve success and avoid setbacks?
  3. Strategies: How can health systems and communities best advance effective conduct of CHNAs, cross-sector collaboration, improve alignment, and reduce duplication?
  4. Improvements: What additional resources are needed to promote and track the success and impact of CHNA processes?


Outcomes anticipated: Engagement of the full range of front-line leadership, resources, and partnerships for effective action on the greatest opportunities for transformative improvement in individual and population health and health equity.

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