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The biannual members meeting of the Leadership Consortium for a Value & Science-Driven Health System occurred on Wednesday, March 21.

The meeting centered around generating stakeholder demand and action for data sharing, linkage, and use for continuous learning.  Specific objectives included:

  1. Assessing the landscape. Consider opportunities and best practices for using clinical, claims, patient-generated, public health, and other novel datasets for research to inform the care delivery process and improve population health outcomes.
  2. Addressing barriers. Discuss ethical, regulatory, and pragmatic barriers associated with the routine use of existing and novel data sources, and approaches for addressing these barriers and effectively engaging stakeholders in the continuous learning process.
  3. Promoting stakeholder participation. Prioritize issues that need to be addressed by specific stakeholder groups as part of the effort to effectively engage all relevant stakeholders in the process of using multiple data sources to innovate and improve care delivered and population health.


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