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Generative AI & LLMs in Health & Medicine

Date and Time: October 25, 2023 | 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM ET
Where: Via Livestream

In this livestream, the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) Leadership Consortium: Collaboration for a Learning Health System (LC) explored the issues, activities, opportunities, and guideposts related to rapidly developing large language models (LLMs)/generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools for use in health and medicine. The conversation brought together key players, such as health professionals, technology developers, and government stakeholders, to share perspectives on the key needs that can catalyze the basis of a shared agenda.

The meeting addressed developments in generative AI, specifically LLMs, and focused on policy considerations for health care, medicine, and public health. Ultimately, the meeting sought to spur collaborative stakeholder communication and create a framework for rapid engagement on emerging issues.

Learn more about the LC’s work on AI and health here.


8:30 am ET | Welcome, Introductions, & Meeting Overview

  • Michael McGinnis, National Academy of Medicine
  • Victor Dzau, National Academy of Medicine
  • Thomas Maddox, BJC HealthCare/Washington University School of Medicine

 9:00 am ET | Emerging Health Applications and Opportunities in Generative AI
This opening discussion will provide a summary of 2023 developments in generative AI and example use cases and implications for health care, medicine, and public health.


  • Peter Lee, Microsoft
  • Sebastien Bubeck, Microsoft
  • Pete Clardy, Google


  • Philip Payne, Washington University in St. Louis
  • Jackie Gerhart, Epic
  • Vincent Liu, Kaiser Permanente
  • Steven Waldren, American Academy of Family Physicians

10:45 am ET | Anticipating the Unique Risks in Generative AI

This discussion will focus on the potential risks LLMs and generative AI pose for equity and safety, over the next one to two years, in LLM development, testing, and use in health care, medicine, and public health.

Facilitator: Jennifer Goldsack, Digital Medicine Society


  • Marzyeh Ghassemi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Christopher Chen, Washington Health Care Authority
  • Nigam Shah, Stanford University
  • Christina Silcox, Duke Margolis Center for Health Policy
  • Christopher Khoury, American Medical Association

1:00 pm ET | The Path Forward for Oversight of Generative AI
This keynote will set the stage for the afternoon sessions and discuss the pathways for regulation and the responsibilities that stakeholders own when it comes to the health care system.

Speaker: Matthew Diamond, Food and Drug Administration

1:15 pm | Improving Sector Alignment through Generative AI Governance
This session will focus on the impact of generative AI governance across stakeholders (e.g., patients, clinicians, industry), and will highlight existing oversight framework elements, regulatory gaps, and opportunities for alignment and collaboration to reduce fragmentation in the health care industry.

Facilitator: Peter Embi, Vanderbilt University


  • Brian Anderson, MITRE and Coalition for Health AI (CHAI)
  • Suchi Saria, Bayesian Health and Johns Hopkins
  • Timothy Hsu, AI Global Healthcare Initiative Collaborative Community
  • Deven McGraw, Invitae
  • Marc Rotenberg, Center for AI and Digital Policy

2:45 pm | Federal Policy and Governance Considerations for LLMs/Generative AI
This session will provide perspectives on the necessary governance, controls, and regulation important for managing risks in generative AI, including topics such as guidance for deployment of LLMs into existing products and services, and industry and government standards that can be adopted into current and new generative AI models.

Facilitator: Troy Tazbaz, Food and Drug Administration


  • Gil Alterovitz, Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Kathryn Marchesini, Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology
  • Robert Valdez, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
  • Reva Schwartz, National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • Christine Cutillo, National Institutes of Health

4:15 pm | Next Steps and Concluding Remarks
This concluding session will summarize key observations and insights from today’s sessions and provide an overview of key next steps.

  • Thomas Maddox, BJC HealthCare/Washington University School of Medicine
  • Michael McGinnis, National Academy of Medicine

4:30 pm | Adjourn


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