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Channeling the Potential of AI to Advance Health Equity

Workshop Date and Time:  August 18, 2021 | 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM ET

Where: Via webinar

This event is a collaboration between the NAM’s Leadership Consortium Digital Health Action Collaborative and Culture Inclusion & Equity Action Collaborative, which in concert aim to advance a learning health system by enabling the effective and equitable integration of new technologies to meet the individual care needs of all people. This webinar is designed to launch a discussion around key principles for the development, deployment, utilization, and maintenance of AI tools to realize their transformative potential in achieving equitable health for all populations and avoiding harm. This meeting will seek to begin to answer the following questions:

  • How do we realize the potential of AI in achieving equitable health for all populations?
  • What are the most commonly encountered situations or scenarios that pose a risk of generating a biased AI model? What factors contribute to the disparities in the development, use, and uptake of AI-enabled tools?
  • How can key stakeholders build, train, use, and evaluate AI-driven health interventions in a way that supports equity? What are promising examples of AI tools to support equity? How can we leverage the transformative potential of this emerging technology?

Outcomes from this event will seek to identify actions NAM can take to advance best principles and practices guiding the innovation, deploying, and scaling of AI-enabled health tools to enhance health system outcomes, resiliency, and equity.


12:00 pm ET | Welcome & Introductory Comments  

  • Michael McGinnis, National Academy of Medicine
  • Sandra Hernández, California Health Care Foundation
  • Reed Tuckson, Tuckson Health Connections LLC

 12:20 pm ET | Overview and Strategic Framing 

This session will orient the group to the state of play of equity in digital transformation, including the many elements shaping the health technology landscape, particularly the rise of artificial intelligence tools.

Moderator: Jonathan Perlin, HCA Healthcare

Keynote Speaker: Marzyeh Ghassemi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


1:00 pm ET | Ensuring Equity in AI

The session will provide an update on key areas where bias can be introduced into the development, implementation, use, calibration and evaluation of AI-enabled tools. Following brief presentations, panelists will discuss what can be done to mitigate bias and ensure equity, considering broad elements ranging from collecting primary data, to training and other technological changes. 

Moderator: Bill Novelli, Georgetown University
Moderator: Reed Tuckson, Tuckson Health Connections LLC

  • Emily Bembeneck, University of Chicago
  • Varoon Mathur, New York University
  • Irene Dankwa-Mullan, IBM Watson Health

Reactor: Sonoo Thadaney-Israni, Stanford University
Reactor: Nondas Sourlas, CVS Health

1:50 pm ET | Real-World Applications of AI to Support Health Equity 

AI tools are currently being used in health and health care applications: sometimes, in ways that can support equity, and other times in ways that invite bias or increase disparities. This session will feature presentations from field leaders who have been involved in these use cases, and invite discussions on key takeaways from their findings, focusing on ways that these tools can be developed, trained, implemented, evaluated, and used in ways that support equitable treatment and health outcomes.

Moderator: Jonathan Perlin, HCA Healthcare

  • John Halamka, Mayo Clinic
  • Matt Might, The University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Suzanne Tamang, Veterans Health Administration

Reactor: Amy Salerno, University of Virginia
Reactor: Ngozi Moses, Brooklyn Perinatal Network
Reactor: Lebone Moses, Chisara Ventures
Reactor: Amy Vreeland, Pathways Community HUB Institute

2:45 pm ET | Discussion and Audience Q&A 

After hearing a brief reaction and summary of key takeaways of the afternoon’s discussion, webinar participants will have an opportunity to ask additional questions of the panelists, as they engage in a moderated discussion.

Moderator: Mary Naylor, University of Pennsylvania

Reactor: Lanay Mudd, National Institutes of Health 
Reactor: Sara Gerke, 
Pennsylvania State University


3:30 pm ET | Call to Action

Concluding observations, as well as final thanks to all invited speakers and reactors

  • Michael McGinnis, National Academy of Medicine
  • Collaborative Co-Chairs

4:00 pm | Adjourn

Questions? Email leadershipconsortium@nas.edu.

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