Computer-Delivered and Web-Based Interventions to Improve Depression, Anxiety, and Psychological Well-Being of University Students: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, the following systematic review investigates the effectiveness of web-based and computer-delivered interventions that could be used to improve student’s mental health. A total of 17 trials were identified, in which seven were the same three interventions on separate samples; 14 reported sufficient information for meta-analysis. A total of 1795 participants were randomized and 1480 analyzed. In comparison to the inactive control, sensitivity meta-analyses supported intervention in improving anxiety, depression, and stress. The findings suggest Web-based and computer-delivered interventions can be effective in improving students’ depression, anxiety, and stress outcomes when compared to inactive controls, but some caution is needed when compared to other trial arms and methodological issues were noticeable.

Individual Strategies

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