2013 Survey of Registered Nurses

The dramatic transformation created by healthcare reform and other pressures, coupled with economic recovery and demand for a variety of clinicians, has created a dynamic scenario for nursing employment where attitudes and career outlooks of younger, mid-career and older nurses appear to be headed in different directions. Though nurses of all ages are very satisfied with the choice of their careers, they view the overall state of nursing today and the near future for their jobs very differently.

This survey explores projected career paths, satisfaction levels and other professional aspects of nursing through the candid expression of concerns and plans of a wide strata of registered nurses (RNs). In revealing generational differences in nursing careers and other critical information about the nursing profession directly from nurses themselves, the survey provides valuable information to healthcare leaders for planning future nurse staffing. The results from this study also are offered as an information resource for healthcare industry leaders, policy-makers, academics, staffing professionals, analysts and others who follow clinical staffing and supply trends.