NAM Staff Directory

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Media inquiries: Megan Lowry

President’s Office

Victor J. Dzau, President
Elizabeth Finkelman, Chief of Staff
Melissa Laitner, Special Assistant
Emily Shambaugh, Research Associate
Jasmine Wilson, Senior Executive Assistant

Office of the Leonard D. Schaeffer Executive Officer

Michael McGinnis, Leonard D. Schaeffer Executive Officer and Senior Scholar
Therese Lowe, Executive Assistant

Membership & Governance

Elena Fuentes-Afflick, Home Secretary
Carlos del Rio, International Secretary
Se Kim, Director
Donna Duncan, Deputy Director
Chiquita Boston, Senior Council & Membership Assistant
Sara Hitzig, Membership Program Officer
Jamal Samuel, Senior Membership Associate
Miso Park, Membership Associate

Office of Communications

Laura DeStefano, Director of Strategic Communications and Engagement
Karen Bacellar, Deputy Director of Communications
Jamie Durana, Content Specialist
Talia Lewis, Senior Communications Associate
Samantha Phillips, Communications Officer

Office of Finance & Administration

Alison Holdcroft, Director of Finance
Joi Washington,
Senior Administrative Officer
David Chang,
Financial Associate
Salman Chaudhry, Financial Associate
Ravenna Martin, Financial Associate
Cara Nolasco Guzman, Senior Finance and Operations Assistant

Development Office

Alison Purvis, Chief Development Officer
Kath Sturgeon, Associate Director of Development

Programs Office

Kimber Bogard, Deputy Executive Officer
Shaneah Taylor, Deputy Director of Programs
Jessica Covington,
 Assistant to the Deputy Executive Officer

Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being & Resilience

Thu Anh (Anh) Tran, Program Officer, Director
Farida Ahmed, Associate Program Officer
Bram Bond, Program Specialist

Action Collaborative on Combatting Substance Use and Opioid Crises

Aisha Salman, Senior Program Officer, Director
Bram Bond, Program Specialist
Noah Duff, Associate Program Officer
Emma Freiling, Research Associate

Committee on Emerging Science, Technology, & Innovation

Katie Bowman, Senior Program Officer

Culture of Health Program

Katherine Foster, Senior Program Assistant
Elisabeth Solomon, Research Assistant
Kristina Wint, Program Officer

Healthy Longevity

Michele Toplitz, Senior Program Officer, Director
Beatriz Pandolfi Silva,
Program Specialist



Leadership Consortium: Collaboration for a Learning Health System

Michael McGinnis, Executive Director
Laura Adams, Special Advisor
Sarah Greene, Special Advisor
Amanda Hunt, Senior Program Officer
Sunita Krishnan, Program Officer
Annie Murff, Senior Program Assistant
Julie Tarrant, Associate Program Officer
Asia Williams, Program Officer


Grand Challenge on Climate Change, Human Health, and Equity

Christopher Hanley, Senior Program Officer, Director
Franque Alexander,
Program Specialist
Camila Anderson, Senior Program Assistant
Funmi Chinekezi,
Program Officer
Vijay Iyer, Associate Program Officer
Emma Lower-McSherry, Research Associate
Jessica Marx, Senior Program Officer
Justin Massey, Associate Program Officer
Grace Robbins, Associate Program Officer

Advancing Pandemic and Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Preparedness and Response

Julie Pavlin, Senior Board Director

Human Genome Editing Initiative

Katie Bowman, Senior Program Officer

Vital Directions for Health & Health Care

Jessica Marx, Senior Program Officer

Health Policy Fellowships and Leadership Programs

Gregg Margolis, Director
Andrew Cheng, Senior Administrative & Financial Specialist
Marissa Gioffre, Outreach and Engagement Specialist
Victoria Nichols, Senior Program Assistant
Yumi Phillips, Senior Program Officer
Mona Rahman, Program Officer
Jada Rodgers, Senior Program Assistant

Emerging Leaders in Health & Medicine Program

Se Kim, Co-Director
Gregg Margolis,
Sara Hitzig, Membership Program Officer

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