National Academy of Medicine

Health Policy Fellowships and Leadership Programs

The National Academy of Medicine administers four national health policy fellowship and scholar programs, and one international fellowship program.

FDA Tobacco Regulatory Science Fellowship

A collaborative program between the FDA Center for Tobacco Products and the NAM, this 12-month, multidisciplinary residential program is designed for mid-career professionals to gain experience and expertise to further define and develop the field of regulatory science as it relates to the regulation of tobacco products and FDA’s authorities under the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act.

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Distinguished Nurse Scholar-in-Residence

Supported by the American Academy of Nursing, the American Nurses Association, and the American Nurses Foundation

The Nurse Scholar program is designed to assist outstanding nurse leaders to play a more prominent role in health policy development at the national level. The program seeks individuals who have the capacity and skills to bring issues of special interest in nursing to greater public understanding and policy attention.

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NAM Fellowship

This program is designed for health science scholars who are 1-to-10 years out from completion of a residency or receipt of a doctoral degree to participate in the process by which the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (the National Academies) provide health advice to the nation. This direct involvement in health- and medicine-related work of the National Academies prepares young investigators to contribute to the future direction of health care throughout their careers while also accelerating their career development.

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Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Fellows

This program provides the nation’s most comprehensive fellowship experience at the nexus of health, science, and policy in Washington, DC. It is an outstanding opportunity for exceptional midcareer health professionals and behavioral and social scientists with an interest in health and health care policy promoting the health of the nation. Fellows participate in the policy process at the federal level and use that leadership experience to improve health, health care and health policy.

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International Health Policy Fellow

This program is designed for early- to mid-career scholars in the fields of bioethics, medical ethics and law, economics and health policy, and health care to experience and participate in health care or public health studies that improve care and access to care for patients in domestic and global health care systems. The fellow is expected to spend 25 percent of the two-year fellowship in Washington, D.C, while maintaining their current position and responsibilities. During their time in DC, the fellow will actively learn about specific National Academies’ activities during the fellowship and select a National Academies report to examine based on their home country.

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NAM-HKU Fellowship in Global Health Leadership

Thanks to the generous donation from Dr Patrick Poon, the University of Hong Kong and the U.S. National Academy of Medicine have established the NAM-HKU Fellowship in Global Health Leadership which aims to provide a two-year training for early to mid-career scholars to learn and work at HKU School of Public Health and the National Academy of Medicine in areas under the umbrella of global health leadership.  The fellowship program will commence in 2019 and run for three years initially, with one Fellow to be selected each year.

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  • Health Policy Fellowships and Leadership Programs Staff

  • Gregg Margolis, Director

    Gregg S. Margolis, PhD

    Gregg S. Margolis, PhD, is the Director of Health Policy Fellowships and Leadership Programs at the National Academy of Medicine. Dr. Margolis leads and directs four national health policy fellowship and scholar programs with a mission of building health policy leadership and expertise for the future: the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Health Policy Fellows; the NAM/American Academy of Nursing/American Nurses Association/American Nurses Foundation Distinguished Nurse Scholar-in-Residence; the NAM Fellowship; and the FDA Tobacco Regulatory Science Fellowship. Prior to joining the NAM, Dr. Margolis served as the Director of the Division of Health System Policy for the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Preparedness and Response at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) where he led a team of policy experts in formulating, analyzing, and implementing policies to build strong, integrated, and resilient health care systems that are prepared for, able to respond to, and recover quickly from disasters and public health emergencies. Dr. Margolis has served on numerous White House, Interagency, and HHS-wide efforts and played instrumental roles in such major incidents as Hurricane Sandy, the Boston Marathon bombing, and outbreaks of fungal meningitis, Ebola, and Zika. Before his federal service, Dr. Margolis was the Associate Director of the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians, a nonprofit organization that serves as the national Emergency Medical Services (EMS) certification agency. Dr. Margolis has over 20 years of clinical experience as a field paramedic, including 12 years as a flight paramedic. He has held leadership positions and faculty appointments at the University of Pittsburgh and The George Washington University, and has played major roles in numerous local, state, and national education, curriculum development, and EMS improvement projects, leading to a broader health policy focus. In 2009, he became the first paramedic to be an RWJF Health Policy Fellow, where he served in the Senate. Dr. Margolis holds a PhD in administrative and policy studies and an MS in health care supervision and management from the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Margolis is the author of dozens of publications in a wide array of topics in emergency medicine and health policy. He remains active in many outdoor activities and adventure sports (skiing, SCUBA diving, alpine mountaineering) and recently developed an interest in the acoustic guitar.

  • Yumi Phillips, Program Officer

    Yumi Phillips
    Program Officer

  • Yasmeen Long, Senior Program Officer

    Yasmeen Long
    Senior Program Officer

  • Elle Law, Program Coordinator

    Elle Law
    Program Coordinator

  • Andrew Cheng, Administrative and Financial Specialist

    Andrew Cheng
    Administrative and Financial Specialist