The National Academy of Medicine’s Emerging Leaders in Health and Medicine Program (the ELHM Program) began in 2016 to increase the NAM’s engagement with exceptional, interdisciplinary early- to mid-career professionals working in biomedical science, population health, health care, health policy, and related fields. The ELHM Program facilitates opportunities for mentorship, collaboration, and innovation between the emerging leaders, NAM members, and experts across sectors. The goals of the NAM ELHM program are:

  • Enhancing the leadership experience, expertise, and opportunities of Emerging Leaders by:
    • Integrating Emerging Leaders into NAM programs and meetings.
    • Creating leadership training, experiences, and mentoring by NAM members.
    • Networking with other current and past NAM Emerging Leaders and NAM members.
  • Strengthening NAM by infusing the expertise, perspectives, and enthusiasm of emerging leaders into NAM’s programs and meetings

There are two components of the ELHM Program:

  1. Emerging Leaders in Health and Medicine Scholars (ELHM Scholars)
  2. Emerging Leaders Forum

NAM Emerging Leaders in Health and Medicine Scholars

Each year, NAM selects up to 10 early- and mid-career professionals with demonstrated leadership and exceptional professional achievement in biomedical science, population health, health care and related fields to serve 3-year terms as ELHM Scholars. While continuing to work at their primary institution, the ELHM Scholars will participate in certain NAM activities, exchange ideas with each other and field leaders across sectors and disciplines, receive mentoring from NAM members, and help shape the ELHM Program. Participants also provide valuable input and feedback to help shape the priorities of the NAM and sustain the NAM’s impact and reputation as a national leader in advancing knowledge and accelerating progress in science, medicine, policy, and health equity. ELHM Scholars may publish Perspectives, participate in convening activities throughout the larger National Academies, and participate in interest groups.

The 2022 call for nominations for NAM Emerging Leaders Scholars will open in October.

Selection Criteria

Selection of ELHM Scholars is based on a variety of factors, including personal and professional achievement, demonstrated creativity and field leadership, and the need for diverse perspectives. Qualified candidates will:

  • Have completed a terminal degree (or have equivalent experience and knowledge) in a relevant profession or field of study
  • Be early- to mid-career (defined generally as 5-15 years following attainment of the primary professional degree)
  • Demonstrate significant professional accomplishment and exceptional leadership potential
  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident at the time of the application

Nomination of ELHM Scholars is easy:

  1. NAM member initiates the nomination by entering the candidate’s name, email, institutional affiliation on the online nomination portal.
  2. Candidates receive an automated email inviting them to add a brief biography, current CV, and demographic information to the nomination.
  3. NAM member provides nominator statement (reference letter) describing the candidate’s professional accomplishments and leadership potential, and the name and email address of another individual who will write a letter supporting the candidate’s nomination (note: this second reference does not need to be an NAM member and may be suggested by the candidate.)
  4. Reference writer receives an automated email inviting them to upload a letter directly into the nomination.
  5. NAM member receives an email notification to finalize the submission.

Submit your nomination today at

NAM Emerging Leaders Forum

The Emerging Leaders Forum is an annual assembly of outstanding early- and mid-career professionals with exceptional professional promise, achievement, and leadership in biomedical science, health, health care, and related fields. The ELHM scholars and invited attendees will explore some of the most pressing challenges in health and medicine, with the aim of considering and stimulating collaborative interdisciplinary solutions.

The next Emerging Leaders Forum will be held on April 12-13, 2022, in Washington, DC. The Emerging Leaders Forum is an invitation-only event. Please check back in December for more details on how  NAM Members may nominate individuals to participate in the Forum.

If you have any questions about the Emerging Leaders Forum, please email Gregg Margolis at

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