Climate Communities Network

About the Climate Communities Network

The Climate Communities Network is an initiative within the NAM Grand Challenge on Climate Change, Human Health, and Equity (Climate Grand Challenge), a multi-year effort to improve and protect human health, well-being, and equity by working to transform systems that both contribute to and are impacted by climate change.

The Climate Communities Network will bring together community leaders, identified through an application process, in U.S. regions disproportionately impacted by climate change to work collaboratively on solutions to climate-related health inequities faced by their communities. The Network will also inform the work of the Climate Grand Challenge.


Climate Communities Listening Session | December 8, 2022


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Funmi Chinekezi, Program Officer
Franque Alexander, Program Specialist
Elizabeth Finkelman, Senior Program Officer
Grace Robbins, Associate Program Officer
Samantha Phillips, Communications Officer

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