National Academy of Medicine

Shared Decision-Making Strategies for Best Care: Patient Decision Aids

By Chuck Alston, Zackary Berger, Shannon Brownlee, Glyn Elwyn, Floyd J. Fowler Jr., Leslie Kelly Hall, Victor M. Montori, Ben Moulton, Lyn Paget, Brenna Haviland-Shebel, Richard Singerman, Jim Walker, Matthew K. Wynia, Diedtra Henderson
September 18, 2014 | Discussion Paper

In Shared Decision-Making Strategies for Best Care: Patient Decision Aids, the authors suggest concrete steps to fully integrate the ideals and practices of shared decision making (SDM) into routine clinical practice. The discussion paper, published by the Institute of Medicine (IOM), is a product of participants in the IOM’s Evidence Communication Innovation Collaborative. The authors identify key steps to shift expectations and behaviors of patients and clinicians: certifying decision aids, establishing measurement standards for SDM, using health information technology to facilitate information exchange, and expanding the role of employers and payers in supporting certified decision aids. In support of these steps, the authors summarize their views of the compelling case for implementing SDM, and underscore the potential benefits.


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