Workshop on High-Need Patients

About this Event

A workshop, sponsored by the Peterson Center on Healthcare and convened by the Institute of Medicine, will engage in a discussion of the issues, challenges, and approaches that present the greatest opportunity creating models of care for high-need patients. The first of a series of three workshops, this workshop will be aimed at advancing the understanding of effective approaches in managing the care of high-need patients, drawing attention to opportunities to improve outcomes and reduce the costs of health care for these vulnerable populations.The objectives of the July 7 workshop are:

  1. What are the key characteristics of high-need patient populations, and which subgroups offer the greatest opportunity for impact?
  2. What factors are most important in determining the match between a model of care and a patient population?
  3. How can lessons learned from past experience with high-need patients be amplified and spread effectively?

Please register to attend via live webcast, and contact Mina Bakhtiar regarding in-person attendance.

Workshop webcast videos will be posted after the meeting concludes.

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