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The Action Collaborative on Countering the U.S. Opioid Epidemic hosted a free public webinar on opioid tapering, utilizing experts in the field who discussed current guidance for opioid tapering, how it is applied in practice, and the strength of the evidence behind it. Five panelists presented various patient case scenarios and discussed pain management challenges through patient and caregiver perspectives, in order to inform best practices and identify evidence gaps.

Click here to view a two-page summary of the webinar and its key messages.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits will not be available for viewing this webinar. For more information, please contact opioidcollaborative@nas.edu


Chad Brummett, MD University of Michigan Medical School

Roger Chou, MD (Panel Moderator) Oregon Health and Science University

Anne L. Burns, BSPharm, RPh American Pharmacists Association

Erin E. Krebs, MD, MPH Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Health Care System University of Minnesota Medical School

Anna Lembke, MD Stanford University Medical Center

Kate Nicholson, JD Chronic Pain/Opioids Task Force for the National Centers on Independent Living

About the Action Collaborative:

Every day, an estimated 130 Americans die from an opioid overdose – a grim statistic that has devastated families and communities around the nation. Due to the complex and urgent nature of the epidemic, reversing the opioid crisis will require a multi-sectoral and multi-pronged response; no organization, government agency, or sector can solve this crisis on its own. Within the past year alone, numerous initiatives, reports, guidelines, and recommendations have been developed to address the epidemic across the public and private sectors. With so much activity underway, strong mechanisms to support better coordination, information-sharing, and evidence-based practice are needed.

To improve coordination and accelerate the pace of change, the National Academy of Medicine has partnered with the Aspen Institute and more than 55 other organizations to form an Action Collaborative on Countering the U.S. Opioid Epidemic. This one-of-a-kind public-private partnership comprises government, communities, health systems, provider groups, payers, industry, nonprofits, academia, and more – all committed to sharing knowledge, aligning ongoing initiatives, and advancing collective, multi-sector solutions.

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