Value Incentives and Systems Innovation Collaborative Meeting

About this Event

Where: National Academy of Sciences Building (Room 125)

About this Event

An ad hoc convening activity, under the auspices of the NAM Leadership Consortium for a Value & Science-Driven Health System, the Value Incentives & Systems Innovation Collaborative (VISIC) seeks to build on the foundation of prior work engaged by the Consortium to develop a learning health system by convening organizations and individuals actively working to design, develop, test, and evaluate innovative approaches to shifting health care payment models in ways that reward value, and develop and apply system-based tools and processes for improving health and health care.

At this meeting,  participants will

  1. Explore what is happening in the field to advance progress toward value-based care and understand current activities to avoid redundant efforts.
  2. Consider what key considerations will ensure progress, particularly amidst an impending transition, and discuss a bipartisan path forward to value-based care.
  3. Examine what is most needed to accelerate progress and how the Leadership Consortium can contribute by identifying gaps in strategic efforts and specific opportunities for the Leadership Consortium.

There is limited capacity for this meeting. If you are interested in participating, please contact Gwen Hughes ( to inquire about available space or if you are interested in tuning in via Webex.  More information about meeting logistics can be found here.

Meeting Summary


Moving to value-based payment through MACRA and other policies:

Elizabeth Mitchell, Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement
Cynthia Brown, American Medical Association

Regulatory reform opportunities to facilitate value-based payment

Bill Kramer, Pacific Business Group on Health
Akin Demehin, American Hospital Association
Stephen Friedhoff, Anthem

State efforts to ensure progress

Lindsey Browning, National Association of Medicaid Directors
Rachael Matulis, Center for Health Care Strategies, Inc.

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