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Roadmap for Integrated Payment Approaches to Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Equity 

Workshop Date and Time:  June 2, 2021 | 2:00 pm – 5:30 pm ET

Where: Via webinar

In this workshop series, the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) will explore how to transform fee-for-service health financing approaches into integrated payment approaches designed to drive attention and incentives toward delivery models that are person-centered and holistic. The delivery models will focus on the advancement of individual, community, and population health by examining the advantages and complexities of effective and efficient financing through the lens of access, quality, coverage, and equity, as experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The discussion will look to address five objectives:

  1. Describe the deficiencies in our current health delivery and financing systems for creating health and sustaining health care delivery in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. Identify and describe alternative payment models demonstrating major transformations in health care delivery and financing, address those deficiencies, and summarize their characteristics and designs.
  3. Describe how integrated financing approaches can be used to redirect payment for individual services that may be unnecessary or even harmful toward payment for care of the whole person, equitable population health outcomes, improved patient and provider experience, and reduced per capita costs.
  4. Evaluate how care models using integrated financing have adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic to create whole person-population health and remain financially viable.
  5. Identify practical strategies and financing approaches that effectively reward whole person-population health.

Day 3 of the workshop series will focus on a roadmap for integrated payment approaches to efficiency, effectiveness, and equity.


2:00 pm ET | Welcome and Meeting Overview

  • Michael McGinnis, National Academy of Medicine
  • Kisha Davis, Aledade (co-chair)
  • Hoangmai Pham, Institute for Exceptional Care (co-chair)

2:15 pm ET | Panel 1: Transformation Levers 

federal and state regulatory and legal levers that can be utilized and transformed to advance integrated financing.

Moderator: Sarah Szanton, Johns Hopkins University

  • Sue Birch, Washington State Health Care Authority
  • Neal Halfon, All Children Thrive/University of California Los Angeles
  • Alex Briscoe, California Children’s Trust

3:10 pm ET | Innovation Spotlight

This spotlight on The Achievable Foundation will feature innovative, whole-person approaches to responding to the evolving health and social needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

  • Carmen Ibarra, The Achievable Foundation

3:20 pm ET | Panel 2: Accelerating Transformative Financing Approaches

“Blue sky” discussion among a series of reactors surrounding outside the box and equitable approaches to health financing.

Moderator: Deena Chisolm, Nationwide Children’s Hospital

  • Emily Brower, Trinity Health
  • David Erickson, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  • Elizabeth Fowler, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation

4:15 pm ET | Fireside Chat: Imagining a Better System

“Armchair discussion” on the feasibility of the specific strategies, levers, and stakeholder responsibilities discussed over the series to accelerate financing that rewards better health and well-being. 

Moderator: Kisha Davis, Aledade

  • David Muhlestein, Leavitt Partners
  • Vivian Lee, Verily
  • Donald Berwick, Institute for Healthcare Improvement

5:15 pm ET | Reflections, Next Steps, and Closing Remarks

Concluding observations and insights will be offered, along with final thanks to all invited speakers and participants

  • Michael McGinnis, National Academy of Medicine
  • Kisha Davis, Aledade (co-chair)
  • Hoangmai Pham, Institute for Exceptional Care (co-chair)

5:30 pm | Adjourn

Questions? Email leadershipconsortium@nas.edu.

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