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Meeting Recap

Clinician Resilience and Well-Being

July 7, 2016
National Academy of Medicine | Washington, DC


On July 7, 2016, the National Academy of Medicine hosted a closed working meeting for leaders from more than 30 professional organizations to examine the issue of clinician resilience and well-being. The meeting was chaired by Victor J. Dzau, President of the National Academy of Medicine; and co-chaired by Darrell Kirch, President & CEO of the Association of American Medical Colleges; and Thomas Nasca, CEO of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. The meeting was convened in response to increasing concerns within the clinical community about rising challenges to clinician well-being and resilience. The goals of the meeting were to improve understanding of the nature of the challenges to clinician well-being; consider activities currently under way to address the issues; explore opportunities for collaborative engagement; and consider the potential role of the NAM in leading an initiative to address this issue. The meeting featured presentations representing clinician, patient, and federal perspectives by Carol Bernstein of NYU Langone Medical Center, Tejal Gandhi of the National Patient Safety Foundation, Luis Padilla of the Health Resources and Services Administration, Shari Ling of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and others. In view of the significance of this issue and the intense interest of stakeholders involved, the NAM is currently developing follow-up activities that will soon be announced publicly.

Visit the Clinician Well-Being Knowledge Hub for resources that can help health system administrators and clinicians build a better system that helps clinicians thrive.

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