Cecil Award


Each year, the NAM presents three Cecil Awards, recognizing and celebrating current and/or recent staff whose sustained service has contributed importantly to progress toward the NAM Mission – to improve health for all by advancing science, accelerating health equity, and providing independent, authoritative, and trusted advice nationally and globally. Each Award is accompanied by $4,000, a commemorative medal and certificate presented by the NAM President. All current and former staff members with five or more years of service are eligible for these distinguished staff awards. The 2021 Cecil Awards were presented during the NAM’s Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, October 16-18, 2021.


2020 Recipients:


Sandra H. Matthews Cecil Award for Administrative Excellence:

Annalee Espinosa Gonzales
Administrative Assistant 
Health and Medicine Division

Cecil Award for Individual Excellence:

Tracy Lustig
Senior Program Officer
Health and Medicine Division

National Academies  Cecil Award for Excellence of a Group/Team:

Emily Backes, Natacha Blain, Ivory Clarke, Mary Ghitelman, Samantha Phillips, Kirsten Sampson Snyder, Dara Shefska, Doug Sprunger, Elizabeth Townsend, Yvonne Wise
Culture of Health: The Promise of Adolescence Team
Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education, Health and Medicine Division, National Academy of Medicine, Office of the Chief Communications Officer


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