Cecil Award

  Each year, the NAM presents three Cecil Awards, recognizing and celebrating current and/or recent staff whose sustained service has contributed importantly to progress toward the NAM Mission – to improve health for all by advancing science, accelerating health equity, and providing independent, authoritative, and trusted advice nationally and globally. Each Award is accompanied by $4,000, a commemorative medal and certificate presented by the NAM President. All current and former staff members with more than three years of service are eligible for these distinguished staff awards. The 2018 Cecil Awards were presented during the NAM’s Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, on October 15, 2018.


2018 Recipients:

Sandra H. Matthews Cecil Award for Administrative Excellence:

Morgan Kanarek
Chief of Staff
National Academy of Medicine

Cecil Award for Individual Excellence:

Amy Geller
Senior Program Officer
Health and Medicine Division

National Academies  Cecil Award for Excellence of a Group/Team:

Elle Alexander, Heather Cook, Cypress Lynx, Amanda Nguyen, and Leslie Sim
Roundtable on Obesity Solutions Team
Health and Medicine Division, National Academies

Past Recipients - 2017


Cecil:  Marie Michnich 

Past Recipients - 2016


Cecil: Judith Shamir 

Past Recipients - 2015


Research Cecil: Bridget Kelly

Sandra H. Matthews Cecil: Yumi Phillips

Wildcard Cecil: Alina Baciu 

Past Recipients - 2014


Research Cecil: Mary Burr Paxton

Sandra H. Matthews Cecil: Thelma Cox

Wildcard Cecil: Guru Madhavan 

Past Recipients - 2013


Research Cecil: Abigail Mitchell

Sandra H. Matthews Cecil: Pamella Atayi

Wildcard Cecil: Katharine Bothner 

Past Recipients - 2012


Research Cecil: Bruce Altevogt

Research Cecil: Lynn Parker

Sandra H. Matthews Cecil: Judith Shamir 

Past Recipients - 2011


Research Cecil: Roberta Wedge

Sandra H. Matthews Cecil: Anton Bandy

Wildcard Cecil: Linda Meyers 

Past Recipients - 2010


Research Cecil: Rosemary Anne Chalk

Research Cecil: Rose Marie Martinez

Sandra H. Matthews Cecil: Geraldine Kennedo 

Past Recipients - 2009


Administrative Cecil: Gary Walker

Wildcard Cecil: Andrea Schultz

Wildcard Cecil: Janice Mehler 

Past Recipients - 2008


Research Cecil: Ann Yaktine

Research Cecil: David Butler

Wildcard Cecil: Christine Stencel 

Past Recipients - 2007


Research Cecil: Sharyl Nass

Administrative Cecil: Danitza Valdivia

Wildcard Cecil: Carolyn Fulco 

Past Recipients - 2006


Research Cecil: Lyla Hernandez

Program/Management Cecil: Donna Duncan

Wildcard Cecil: Jim Banihashemi 

Past Recipients - 2005


Research Cecil: Lois Joellenbeck

Program/Management Cecil: Roger Herdman

Wildcard Cecil: Cathy Liverman 

Past Recipients - 2004


Research Cecil: Marilyn Field

Administrative Cecil: Linda Kilroy

Wildcard Cecil: Andy Pope 

Past Recipients - 2003


Research Cecil: Brian Smedley

Administrative Cecil: Janet Stoll

Wildcard Cecil: Karl Yordy

Past Recipients - 2002


Research Cecil: Kathleen Stratton

Administrative Cecil: Sandra Matthews

Wildcard Cecil: Janet Corrigan 

Past Recipients - 2001


Research Cecil: Gooloo Wunderlich

Administrative Cecil: Sue Barron

Wildcard Cecil: Clyde Behney 

Past Recipients - 2000


Research Cecil: Sarah Brown

Administrative Cecil: Jana Surdi

Wildcard Cecil: Joe Cassells

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