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A Call to Action for Registered Dietitian Nutritionists and Pediatricians: Reflecting on Physical Activity: Moving Toward Obesity Solutions—Workshop Summary

By Natalie Digate Muth
March 22, 2016 | Discussion Paper

Over the past several years, the Roundtable on Obesity Solutions has convened experts across a variety of sectors and disciplines to explore the most promising approaches to prevent and treat obesity. Last April, the Roundtable convened a workshop, titled Physical Activity: Moving Toward Obesity Solutions, to explore the role of physical activity in the prevention and treatment of obesity. Leading scientists and clinicians explored the science of physical activity and its relationship with obesity. They also brainstormed innovative strategies to promote physical activity as a public health solution to the obesity epidemic.

This workshop revealed a substantial opportunity for both dietitians and pediatricians to reduce the obesity epidemic, one patient at a time. In this perspective, I discuss steps registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs) and pediatricians can take to integrate active living into their clinical practices.



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Muth, N. D. 2016. A Call to Action for Registered Dietician Nutritionists and Pediatricians: Reflecting on Physical Activity: Moving Toward Obesity Solutions – Workshop Summary. NAM Perspectives. Discussion Paper, National Academy of Medicine, Washington, DC. doi: 10.31478/201603d


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