National Academy of Medicine

Health Literacy Insights for Health Crises

  Introduction Typically, the authorities and experts on public health practices are public health officials. The public expects these officials to offer important health information and guidelines to prevent disease and promote good health strategies. In times of public health crisis
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Health Literacy and the Arts: An Intersection Worth Exploring

  Introduction In recent years, health literacy is increasingly viewed as aligning complexities and tasks with people’s skills and abilities. With this understanding of health literacy, there comes a growing recognition that we, as health care providers, need to improve our communicat
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FDA and the Media: Lessons from Tysabri about Communicating Uncertainty

Despite a rigorous approval process, there is always uncertainty about newly approved drugs: will the benefits observed in initial approval studies hold up over time?  Will side effects emerge? Uncertainty is amplified when drugs receive accelerated approval based on preliminary evide
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