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The scientific breakthroughs of the twenty-first century hold great promise and opportunity to improve peoples’ lives, and the NAM’s mission to accelerate the progress of science, medicine, health, and policy is vital to harnessing the potential of the moment. Explore the ways in which you can enable us to continue forging a healthier future for all.

NAM Annual Fund

While government agencies, foundations, and corporations fund many of the National Academy of Medicine’s activities, they are insufficient to sustain our vital programming and initiatives alone. The NAM depends on philanthropy from individuals to provide critical, unrestricted funding for the NAM’s ongoing role of providing leadership at the forefront of complex challenges in health and medicine.

Your donation to the NAM Annual Fund provides flexible, unrestricted resources that support ongoing activities and outreach efforts while also enabling the NAM to respond to emerging issues facing our nation and world in a timely manner every year.

The Harvey V. Fineberg Impact Fund

The Harvey V. Fineberg Impact Fund, named in honor of the seventh president of the Institute of Medicine, was established to confront the immense challenges of health care delivery, cost, research, outcomes, and education. Gifts to this fund will help to:

  • Advance Initiatives – Spearhead studies on controversial and complex issues that government and other institutions are not able or willing to support.
  • Create Partnerships – Establish and sustain meaningful partnerships for action and innovative use of media to reach and educate the public about ways to protect and enhance their own health.
  • Communicate Findings – Effectively translate and communicate our recommendations to populations who stand to benefit most.

Health Policy Fellowships and Leadership Programs

As part of the National Academy of Medicine’s commitment to building leadership capacity across diverse disciplines to shape the future of health and medicine, the Office of Health Policy Fellowships and Leadership Programs administer a portfolio of highly regarded programs. If you would like more information about the NAM’s fellowships and leadership programs or how you can support these initiatives, please contact the Office of Development at

Catalyst Fund on Reproductive Health, Equity, and Society

In light of the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, the National Academies are committed to mobilizing the scientific, medical, and health care communities to identify actions that can mitigate the potential negative impacts of this decision and advance health equity. The Catalyst Fund on Reproductive Health, Equity, and Society provides resources for the National Academies to develop short and long-term response strategies regarding the decision’s impact and safeguarding of women’s health and wellbeing.

The Committee on Human Rights (CHR)

The Committee on Human Rights, created in 1976, is a standing membership committee of the United States National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, and National Academy of Medicine, institutions composed of many of the world’s most distinguished scientists, engineers, physicians, and researchers. The CHR serves as a bridge between the human rights and scientific communities, in recognition of the importance of rights protection for scientific inquiry and the realization of human dignity worldwide.

For more information, or to make a gift, contact the Office of Development at 202-334-2431. The National Academy of Medicine’s Tax ID Number is 53-0196932.

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