Committee on Emerging Science, Technology, and Innovation in Health and Medicine

Advances in biomedical science, data science, engineering, and technology are leading to high-pace innovation with tremendous potential to transform health and medicine.


Toward Equitable Innovation in Health and Medicine

Ideas incubated by CESTI were built on by a consensus study committee, the ‘Committee on Creating a Framework for Emerging Science, Technology, and Innovation in Health and Medicine (ESTI),’ which released its recommendations in 2023. For more information on the committee, please click here.

The resulting report describes a governance framework for decisions throughout the innovation life cycle to advance equitable innovation and support an ecosystem that is more responsive to the needs of a broader range of individuals and is better able to recognize and address inequities as they arise.

About the program

At the same time, these innovations carry risks that have important implications for society related to access, cost, equity, social norms and ethics, and more. There is a need for society to understand the implications of such advances and to be prepared for them. The National Academy of Medicine’s 5-year strategic plan includes an important goal to provide leadership and engage broad communities in developing a framework to proactively address these impending challenges.

To this end, the NAM has established the Committee on Emerging Science, Technology, and Innovation in health and medicine (CESTI). CESTI brings together experts in diverse fields to assess the landscape of emerging scientific advances and technologies in health and medicine and address the potential societal, ethical, legal, and workforce implications of such technologies, with the goal of developing a cross-sectoral governance framework.

CESTI produced three case studies, exploring emerging science and technology applications in order to better understand, anticipate, and develop governance for future development, with special attention to their potential societal, ethical, legal, and health-related impacts.


Melissa Laitner | Senior Program Officer
Emma Freiling | Research Assistant
Talia Lewis | Senior Communications Associate


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