Sustainability Journey Map

The Sustainability Journey Map & Resource Repository intends to support health care suppliers in initiating or accelerating their decarbonization and sustainability efforts. This interactive journey map outlines five key stages of the sustainability journey and provides links to best practices, resources, and toolkits. 

Each stage of the journey map includes specific actions to be taken, along with potential challenges that may arise. The resources provided in the journey map will address those challenges. The journey map is circular, meaning organizations can revisit different stages to address regulatory, scientific, business, or other factors that develop while on their sustainability journey.


Through their Supply Chain and Infrastructure Working Group, the NAM Climate Collaborative developed a series of actionable steps designed to empower health care suppliers in their journey toward sustainability. These steps encompass key milestones, each addressing distinct aspects of the sustainability journey.  This resource is intended for any health care supplier, regardless of size, industry, or stage in the decarbonization process. However, it will be particularly useful for companies that have yet to begin their decarbonization efforts or have recently started.


The Sustainability Journey Map seeks to empower health care suppliers, regardless of their size or stage in the decarbonization process, by providing them with a comprehensive guide that spans across five key stages of the sustainability journey. By moving through this journey, suppliers should expect to:

  • Enhance their understanding and compliance with environmental regulations
  • Integrate sustainability into their organization through effective governance structures, strategic planning, and promoting leadership commitment and accountability
  • Reduce carbon emissions within their organizations’ direct operations and energy use
  • Extend beyond organizational boundaries, addressing emissions within the entire value chain
  • Emphasize continuous improvement, fostering a culture of innovation and transparency while driving resilience in the face of evolving challenges

In summary, the Sustainability Journey Map is a dynamic resource designed to guide health care suppliers on a path towards a more sustainable future.

Journey Map Instructions

An interactive web-based version of the journey map can be accessed below. The interactive journey map is also accessible on mobile devices. Once the journey map has been launched, click any of the icons on the map to begin your journey, which will take you into that stage. Within the stage, you may navigate between the overview, actions, and resources, by clicking on the corresponding icon. Use the arrows to move between different stages. To return to the landing page, click the home button.

For how to better use this tool and further information on the Journey Map, please watch these videos –> 

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The funding support extended by the NAM Climate Grand Challenge’s sponsors makes work like the Sustainability Journey Map possible. See full list of sponsors.

The Sustainability Journey Map & Resource Repository developed by the Supply Chain & Infrastructure Working Group of the Action Collaborative on Decarbonizing the U.S. Health Sector is intended to assist health care suppliers in their decarbonization and sustainability efforts.


The following reviewers provided valuable support for this product:

  • JoAnna Abrams, MindClick
  • Mercedes Anto, U Health (University of Utah)
  • Robert Ellsworth, Medtronic
  • Jennifer Kim Field, Henry Schein
  • Rebecca Hou, Vizient
  • Tom Kalla, The Resource Group
  • Kitt Karhohs, McKesson
  • Sarah Swenson, J&J
  • NAM Staff, including the climate team + Noah Duff

Linked Resources

Easily view the resources from the journey map by category below.

Stage 2: Governance and Organizational Planning

The 1.5°C Business Playbook (Exponential Roadmap Initiative)

Accelerating Health Equity and Business Resilience through Decarbonization (Black Directors Health Equity Agenda)

Accelerating the Delivery of Net Zero Health Systems (Sustainable Markets Initiative)

Activate Program (Manufacture 2030)

Best Practices from Top Reprocessing Hospitals (Association of Medical Device Reprocessors)


Decarbonising Healthcare Supply Chains (Sustainable Markets Initiative)

Disaster Available Supplies in Hospitals (DASH) tool



FAQs on Target Setting (Science Based Targets initiative)

GHG Protocol

GHG Protocol Online Training

Global Reporting Initiative

The Green Print: Advancement of Environmental Sustainability in Healthcare $

Health Sector Commitments to Emissions Reduction and Resilience (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)

Microsoft Sustainability Learning Center

Moving Forward Guide (ecoAmerica)

Overview report: Embedding environmental sustainability into pharma’s DNA (Deloitte)

Reducing Healthcare Carbon Emissions: A Primer on Measures and Actions for Healthcare Organizations to Mitigate Climate Change (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)

Renewable Thermal Collaborative

Risk Identification and Site Criticality Toolkit (Public Health Emergency)

Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)

SASB Materiality Finder

Sustainability Roadmap for Health Care (American Hospital Association)

Sustainable procurement — Guidance (International Organization for Standardization) $

Task force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)

TCFD Knowledge Hub

Stage 3: Tackling Scope 1 & 2 Emissions
Stage 4: Tackling Scope 3 Emissions

$ – Indicates resource may require payment or be behind a paywall


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NAM Climate Collaborative releases resource that outlines 5 key stages of the sustainability journey + provides best practices, resources, and toolkits. Use the Sustainability Journey Map to begin or continue your decarbonization efforts: #ClimateActionforHealth

A new interactive resource from @theNAMedicine intends to support health care suppliers in initiating or accelerating their decarbonization and sustainability efforts. Learn more: #ClimateActionforHealth

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