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  Tweet this! New from the #OpioidCollaborative! A new Journey Map visually represents the chronic pain journey from the perspective of individuals living with chronic pain, including key touchpoints with the health system:

  Tweet this! Want to learn more about the experiences of individuals living with chronic pain & clinicians who treat pain conditions? A new interactive Journey Map from the #OpioidCollaborative identifies care gaps & actions that promote effective pain management:

  Tweet this! A new Journey Map resource from the #OpioidCollaborative outlines key components for effective pain management at each stage: information gathering, seeking care & support, partnering with a care team, coordinating care, and living with chronic pain:

  Tweet this! The NAM #OpioidCollaborative has developed an interactive Journey Map informed by individuals experiencing chronic pain. See what strategies & actions can improve chronic pain management and promote higher quality of life for people with pain: 

  Tweet this! A new, interactive resource from the #OpioidCollaborative elevates perspectives from individuals with chronic pain & clinicians treating pain to highlight learnings that can be used to improve the pain management process. Explore the Journey Map:

  Tweet this! The Journey Map from the NAM #OpioidCollaborative outlines approaches to build strong partnerships between patients and clinicians, advance effective pain management plans, & increase quality of life for people with chronic pain. Learn more:

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  • The National Academy of Medicine’s Action Collaborative on Countering the U.S. Opioid Epidemic has developed a new Journey Map that visually represents gaps that individuals living with chronic pain experience when seeking treatment. Additionally, this tool provides resources for clinicians caring for these patients to address gaps and improve care quality.
    Learn more about common challenges patients may face and what works in chronic pain management, including patient resources and health care stakeholder actions and resources. Access the Journey Map: 
  • A new resource from the NAM Opioid Collaborative highlights gaps in chronic pain care and actions that can be taken to improve the pain management process. This tool, known as the Chronic Pain Journey Map, was informed by individuals with chronic pain and clinicians in pain management to understand the patient-clinician experience when navigating treatment. If taken up, the actionable strategies outlined in the map can accelerate a range of pain treatments by outlining approaches to effective communication that lead to strong clinical relationships and strategies to prioritize the quality of life for people with pain. Explore the Journey Map to learn more:

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