National Academy of Medicine

NAM Launches New Online Interview Series, Community Health Heroes, To Spotlight Individuals or Groups Who Are Pursuing Health Equity in Communities Across the Nation

May 31, 2017

The National Academy of Medicine launched a new online interview series today, entitled Community Health Heroes.

Inspired by the 2017 National Academies report Communities in Action, this series will highlight individuals or groups who are pursuing health and health equity in communities across the nation. Interviews in this series will feature preventive strategies and programs that are conceived and implemented at the local level and focus on a range of factors that contribute to health, like education, employment, health systems and services, housing, income and wealth, the physical environment, public safety, the social environment, and transportation. In this series, interviewees will describe challenges, success stories, and lessons about what has worked for their organizations and communities. The purpose of the series will be to share information, support networking, and spark new ideas.

The first interview in this series was published today and features Kerene Tayloe, Federal Policy Associate with WE ACT, an organization based in New York, NY, that empowers and organizes low-income people of color to build healthy communities for all. In this interview, Kerene explains the role a healthy environment plays in a preventive approach to health, and shares her inspiration for entering the field. Read the full interview >>

Visit the Community Health Heroes homepage by clicking here.