David R. Walt, Ph.D.

David R. Walt, Ph.D.

Harvard Medical School


Year Elected: 2016
State: Massachusetts

Current Service to the Academies

  • Board on Life Sciences (Member)
  • Standing Committee on Emerging Infectious Diseases and 21st Century Health Threats (Member)

Previous Service to the Academies

  • Board on Chemical Sciences and Technology (Member)
  • Board on Chemical Sciences and Technology (Co-Chair)
  • U.S. National Committee for Crystallography (Ex Officio Member)
  • U.S. National Committee for the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (Ex Officio Member)
  • Panel on CO2 (Member)
  • Committee on Oceanic Carbon (Member)
  • Committee on Indicators for Waterborne Pathogens (Member)
  • Committee on Review of Testing and Evaluation Methodology for Biological Point Detectors (Member)
  • Committee on Monitoring at Chemical Agent Disposal Facilities (Member)
  • Committee on Protecting Occupants of DOD Buildings from Chemical or Biological Release (Member)
  • Committee on Review of the Scientific Approaches used During the FBI's Investigation of the 2001 Bacillus anthracis Mailings (Member)
  • Committee on Assessing the Importance and Impact of Glycomics and Glycosciences (Chair)
  • Committee on A Vision for the Future of Center-Based, Multidisciplinary Engineering Research (Co-Chair)
  • Committee on Strategies for Identifying and Addressing Vulnerabilities Posed by Synthetic Biology (Member)

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