Dr. Francesca Dominici

Dr. Francesca Dominici

Harvard University


Year Elected: 2018
State: Massachusetts

Current Service to the Academies

  • Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology (Member)

Previous Service to the Academies

  • Committee to Assess Potential Health Effects from Exposures to PAVE PAWS Low-level Phased-array Radiofrequency Energy (Member)
  • Committee on Gulf War and Health: Review of the Medical Literature Relative to Gulf War Veterans' Health (Member)
  • Committee on Making Best Use of the Agent Orange Exposure Reconstruction Model (Member)
  • Committee to Review ATSDR's Great Lakes Reports (Member)
  • Committee on Secondhand Smoke Exposure and Acute Coronary Events (Member)
  • Committee on the Long-Term Health Consequences of Exposure to Burn Pits in Iraq and Afghanistan (Member)
  • Committee to Review the Federal Response to the Health Effects Associated with the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill (Member)
  • Committee on Gulf War and Health: Long-Term Effects of Blast Exposure (Member)
  • Committee on Research Directions in Human Biological Effects of Low Level Ionizing Radiation (Member)
  • Commitee on Multiple Sclerosis and Other Neurologic Disorders in Veterans of the Persian Gulf and Post 9/11/ Wars (Member)
  • Committee on Assessing Causality from a Multidisciplinary Evidence Base for National Ambient Air Quality Standards (Member)

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