Dr. Linda H Aiken

Dr. Linda H Aiken

University of Pennsylvania


Year Elected: 1981
State: Pennsylvania

Previous Service to the Academies

  • Council of the National Academy of Medicine (Member)
  • Council of the National Academy of Medicine (Member)
  • NAM Finance Committee (Member)
  • NAM Program Committee (Member)
  • NAM Program Committee (Member)
  • Board on Health Care Services (Member)
  • Committee on Science, Engineering, Medicine, and Public Policy (Member)
  • Annual meeting 1993 (Speaker)
  • Annual meeting 1994 (Speaker)
  • Annual meeting 1995 (Attendee)
  • Annual meeting 1996 (Attendee)
  • Annual meeting 1997 (Attendee)
  • Consultations with/assistance to NAM staff (Participant)
  • Presentations to NAM Committees Boards etc (Presenter)
  • Regional meetings (Attendee)
  • Report review of NAM reports (Report Reviewer)
  • 1999 Annual Meeting (Attendee)
  • Consultation with NAM Staff/Committee 1999 (Participant)
  • Committee for a Two-Year Nursing Study (Member)
  • Committee on Public Health in the 1980's (Member)
  • Committee to Plan a Major Study on National Long Term Care Policies (Chair)
  • Committee on the Effects of Medical Liability on the Delivery of Maternal and Child Health Care (Member)
  • Committee on the AIDS Research Program of the National Institutes of Health (Member)
  • Panel on the National Health Care Survey (Member)
  • Committee on Implementing a Graduate Medical Education Trust Fund (Member)
  • Committee on Roles of Academic Health Centers in the 21st Century (Member)

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