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Effective Care for High-Need Patients: A Webinar Series

Building upon the Special Publication focusing on Effective Care for High-Need Patients, this webinar series is intended to provide insight on the components of successful models of care for specific groups of high-need patients by featuring programs across the country that have seen success in their efforts to improve care and outcomes for this important group. The webinar series is intended to help glean useful lessons learned and considerations for spreading and scaling successful programs. The series will provide clear and actionable impetus for health system leaders, front-line clinicians, researchers, policymakers, and patient and family caregivers, among others, to actively work to improve care for high-need patients in their local communities.


Webinar #1 (with Commonwealth Care Alliance)

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Our first webinar in this series was held on Friday, February 16th and featured Boston’s Commonwealth Care Alliance, a not-for-profit, community-based health care organization sharing their experience implementing the One Care program to improve care for dually eligible individuals under age 65 with complex medical, behavioral health, and social needs. This one-hour webinar included a robust discussion with Commonwealth Care Alliance of the practical challenges they have faced in implementing their program, impact on patient outcomes, and opportunities for scaling and spreading. More information >>


Webinar #2 (with Health Quality Partners)

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Our second webinar in this series was held on March 29, 2018 from 2 – 3pm ET and featured Health Quality Partners, a Pennsylvania-based not-for-profit research and development organization. Health Quality Partners employs an advanced preventative care model targeting elderly complex patients. The discussion centered around their efforts to refine and tailor their model to incorporate coordinated care, health education, and self-management of care, as well as challenges and successes in the spread and scale of the model. More information >>


Webinar #3 (with Health Share of Oregon)

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The third and final webinar in this series was held on April 25 and highlighted Health Share of Oregon, a Portland-based coordinated care organization and their work in improving care for high-need patients.  The discussion will highlight unique aspects of their models of care for children with complex needs and for children in foster care, their efforts to link medical care with community services, and their efforts and successes in the spread and scale of their model. More information >>