Priorities on the Health Horizon:
Informing PCORI’s Strategic Plan

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  Tweet this! A new @theNAMedicine Special Publication outlines a pressing set of health and health care research needs to inform & shape @PCORI’s priorities for the next decade: from health infrastructure to dismantling health inequities:

  Tweet this! Authors of a new @theNAMedicine Special Publication identify and discuss high-priority issues in health, health care, and biomedical science & technology to inform the development of @PCORI’s strategic plan. Learn more:

  Tweet this! A new NAM Special Publication identifies reorienting research to focus on patients, fostering strategic learning partnerships, & building a learning health system infrastructure as critical for the next decade of @PCORI’s priorities & health care—

  Tweet this! Read a new @theNAMedicine Special Publication discussing key cross-cutting themes that can inform and shape @PCORI’s work for the next decade to catalyze change in the U.S. health care system:

  Tweet this! A new @theNAMedicine Special Publication outlines cross-cutting opportunities that can improve the effectiveness, efficiency, & equity of U.S. health care: technologies, social & environmental factors, optimizing value, & infrastructure— @PCORI

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A new National Academy of Medicine Special Publication outlines high-priority emerging issues in health, health care, and biomedical science and technology and offers cross-cutting opportunities to inform and shape PCORI’s strategic planning process to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and equity of the U.S. health care system. Read more:

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