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Food is Too Important to Waste

By Frank Yiannas
January 27, 2016 | Commentary

Imagine going into a grocery store, purchasing three bags full of food, and discarding one of the bags you just purchased in the nearest garbage can as you leave the store. Does that sound ridiculous? Of course it does. But, in essence, that’s what happens every day around the world.

Every year, one-third of all food produced globally goes to waste. That’s 1.3 billion tons of food, which is enough food to cover all of the land mass from Minnesota to Panama. This waste affects our planet, communities, people, and wallets.



Suggested Citation

Yiannas, F. 2016. Food is Too Important to Waste. NAM Perspectives. Commentary, National Academy of Medicine, Washington, DC. doi: 10.31478/201601b

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