Location: NAS Building (Lecture Room) In the second of three meetings, sponsored by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, participants seek to explore and discuss opportunities and practical strategies for improving clinical decision support (CDS) practices and adoption. Presentations:  Welcome, Introduction, and Overview: Opening Remarks, B. Vindell Washington  Workgroup Reports: Creating, managing, and curating content, Kensaku Kawamoto CDS operation and user experience, Jonathan Teich  More more information, please contact: Emma Fine 202-334-3977 EFine@nas.edu

An ad hoc convening activity, under the auspices of the NAM Leadership Consortium for Value & Science-Driven Health Care, the Value Incentives & Systems Innovation Collaborative (VISIC) seeks to build on the foundation of prior work engaged by the Consortium to develop a learning health system by convening organizations and individuals actively working to design, develop, test, and evaluate innovative approaches to shifting health care payment models

At this meeting of the Care Culture and Decision-making Innovation Collaborative (CCDmIC), participants will: Explore how perspectives on care culture vary by stakeholder — patients and families, clinicians, and systems. Examine approaches for assessing and reporting results of initiatives to improve patient and family involvement in quality, evidence, and value. Consider the state of the evidence base on the effectiveness of patient and family initiatives to improve care outcomes and quality. Discuss activities, trends, and prospects for tools that assist and improve the results of partnered decisions by patients and clinicians. There is limited capacity for this meeting. If you are interested in participating, please contact Mina Bakhtiar (mbakhtiar@nas.edu) to inquire about available space or if you are interested in tuning in via Webex. Presentations:  In order of the Agenda: Assessing the Impact of Patient and Family Initiatives: the Evidence, Sue Sheridan Assessing the Impact of Patient and Family Initiatives: the Evidence, Susan Frampton Patient and Family Engagement: Emerging Evidence and Research Opportunities, Helene Moriarty Challenges in Providing Decision Support to Patients, Floyd J. Fowler Agenda >> Meeting Logistics >> Meeting Highlights >>