Formerly the Electronic Health Records Innovation Collaborative (EHRIC), the Digital Learning Collaborative (DLC) is an ad hoc convening activity under the auspices of the NAM Leadership Consortium for Value & Science-Driven Health Care.

Over the past year, the NAM Accelerating Clinical Knowledge Generation and Use meeting series, which was sponsored by PCORI and held under the auspices of the NAM Executive Leadership Network for Continuously Learning Health Care, focused on the institutional capacity and infrastructure needed to facilitate care delivery, care improvement, and new knowledge; ways to accelerate progress through cooperation and sharing across organizations; and approaches to steward system-wide progress toward continuous learning and improvement throughout health and health care.    

An ad hoc convening activity, under the auspices of the NAM Leadership Consortium for a Value & Science-Driven Health System, the Value Incentives & Systems Innovation Collaborative (VISIC) seeks to build on the foundation of prior work engaged by the Consortium to develop a learning health system by convening organizations and individuals actively working to design, develop, test, and evaluate innovative approaches to shifting health care payment models in ways that reward value, and develop and apply system-based tools and processes for improving health and health care.

Location: NAS Building (Lecture Room) In the second of three meetings, sponsored by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, participants seek to explore and discuss opportunities and practical strategies for improving clinical decision support (CDS) practices and adoption. Presentations:  Welcome, Introduction, and Overview: Opening Remarks, B. Vindell Washington  Workgroup Reports: Creating, managing, and curating content, Kensaku Kawamoto CDS operation and user experience, Jonathan Teich  More more information, please contact: Emma Fine 202-334-3977