Roundtable Members Meeting

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The Roundtable on Value & Science-Driven Health Care will hold a meeting of its members with a focus on disruptive innovation in health care: the changing roles for patients, families, and the public. The goals of the meeting are:

  1. Status & trends. Identify and better understand the growing potential for patients, families, and the public to serve as forces for disruptive innovation in health care.
  2. Care improvement. Discuss opportunities for patients and family members to drive system improvement, and the prospects for patient/family advisory councils to accelerate progress.
  3. Evidence generation. Consider how patient demand for better use of clinical data can accelerate improvements in evidence generation and application.
  4. Value enhancement. Explore emerging tools and resources to accelerate transparency and decision assistance to enable greater patient and family demand for affordable, high-value care.

Any questions regarding this meeting can be directed to Kate Burns (

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