Moving From Evidence to Implementation of Early Childhood Programs: Strategies for Implementation


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Where: Centre for Global Child Health: The Hospital for Sick Children

Many discussions on early childhood focus on small or model programs that are showing promising results.  Less attention is paid to how to scale up those programs to serve much larger populations.  However a program that serves 100 children is vastly different from one that can serve 100,000 children reliably over time.  Using research on what works to reach whole populations requires understanding the challenges of implementation to scale and applying the best knowledge to help ensure effective service delivery to large populations over many years.

Similarly, many discussions on early childhood focus on the supply side of the equation – the design of optimal programs, effective curriculum, appropriate workforce training, etc.   Far less attention has been paid to the demand side of this equation – how to build public will and motivate policy- and decision-makers to scale up proven programs to reach large numbers of children; how to maintain funding for those programs over time; as well as continuous quality improvement to ensure that large-scale services are indeed having the effect that was expected based on the smaller programs.

The Forum on Investing in Young Children Globally will hold a workshop that focuses on: 1) the science of implementing programs and practices that improve outcomes for children birth to age 8 at scale; and 2) how to translate evidence to action among policymakers and the public to finance and support large scale implementation of these programs, practices, and policies.

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Phone: 202-334-3024

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