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Meeting focus:  Community health needs assessments as a means to activate communities in co-creating agendas to promote health and well-being. 


Motivating questions:

  1. Purposes: What are the ways in which community health needs assessments activate communities to actively address health issues, and promote population health and well-being?
  2. Practices: What are promising examples of communities demonstrating effective and meaningful partnerships to co-create actionable health needs assessments and follow-up on priority issues?
  3. Results: What measurable policy, program, or health outcomes have been catalyzed by CHNA processes?
  4. Improvements: What policies, tools, information, or incentives might best enhance the spread and results of CHNAs?


Outcomes anticipated: Shared understanding of the steps necessary to better capture and disseminate best principles and practices for community health needs assessment, and how might the NAM be helpful?

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